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How To Stay Fit While Traveling

Of the many joys of vacationing, perhaps the only downfall is that nagging voice constantly reminding you of the encroaching weight gain, and of the medley of dieting and exercise that patiently awaits you upon […]

Jun, 06 · in Health,travel

Beach Style – Bikinis on Trend

It’s summer in the south and everyonis dying to go to the beach! But be warned, good beach style is becoming more and more important so make sure you have the right suit to fit […]

Trend Alert: Just Bitten Lips, aka The Gradient Lip

Tired of sporting the same full, defined lips? Don’t worry, a new trend is underway on the runways: blurred lips, also known as feathered lipstick. This look has been hitting the runways for the Fall […]

Jun, 04

Ankle-Strap Heels: Summer 2013 Hottest Returning Trend

This Summer, women are obsessing over the hottest new trend: ankle-strap heels. Ankle-strap heels are the perfect shoe when thinking of what to pack for a spontaneous road trip with the girls. These heels can be […]

Jun, 02

Virgin Galactic’s Space Flights – “Lift-Off” to Space

Flying into space? Once a silly fantasy, space tourism is growing faster than the speed of light (excuse the pun!) and Virgin Galactic, led by the ever-present Richard Branson, are leading the way. They have […]

Jun, 01

Real Housewives of Reality

The ‘real’ housewives seen on TV are being edited and molded by producers to withhold a specific stereotype. Whether that’s the stereotype of a gold digger, stepford wife, trophy wife or rich housewife- American media […]

May, 31

Soulful Luxuries by SHAUNS – Under the Pergola

SHAUNS‘ Under the Pergola Collection has finally hit stores, a luxury sunglasses brand full of soul and carefully handcrafted in Italy to highlight the exquisite simplicities of life’s true luxuries. The brand exudes an atmosphere of […]

May, 30
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